Control your supply chain

A complete tool for the total control of your network hardware

Boost efficiency and rationalize logistical costs

Manage every aspect of your logistics simply and quickly with AFSOL. Discover the power of an all-in-one tool for your everyday work. Its four modules will make all the difference:


Stock management

  • Keep track of incoming and outgoing stock in real time
  • Monitor your stock levels
  • Make warehouse receptions easier and limit data entry errors
  • Limit inventory deviations

Hardware requests

  • Your contractors or your staff can place orders with the warehouse
  • Inform everyone involved in the process of hardware availability and make information flows smoother

Order preparation

  • Display the production priorities and the daily and weekly workload
  • Authorize the distribution of the workload within a team, empower your staff
  • Manage hardware stock using FIFO rules

Reports and statistics

  • Display the statistics and the performances of the players in your supply chain
  • Identify responsibilities for mistakes and delays in deliveries
  • Keep control of your logistics

A simple and user-friendly interface

Years of experience have been built into our advanced solution for telecommunications operators, equipment manufacturers and even their logistics service providers.


Supply chain management software
Logistics software

Service providers manage your logistics end-to-end, but you keep control


Efficient logistics are essential to the smooth deployment of your telecommunications sites. Increasing visibility and traceability will boost your efficiency. Afsol manages your hardware supply chain from the manufacturing plant, through handling in the warehouse, to installation on-site.


Just-in-time operations, with no stock-outs!