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Operation & Maintenance

The design of great Operation & Maintenance application for telecommunications requires a thorough and practical understanding of what makes a technical department operates.
Likewise, the Operation & Maintenance module of ClickOnSite is a user-friendly interface that integrates trouble ticketing, work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory control, and reporting. Specifically designed for supervision and field activities, ClickOnSite eliminates most paperwork and organizes records.

Key benefits


  • Takes action (TT or WO) in the light of existing site data, reports changes and keeps data updated
  • Forgets about change requests being assigned to several employees at once,
  • Easily records the who, what, where, when and why of each task, asset and resources,
  • Eliminates overlooked trouble tickets buried in overloaded mailbox,
  • Makes the problem resolution process transparent to internal customers,
  • Reduces downtime,
  • Easily views asset history reports and maintenance costs on each asset and easily automates planned preventive maintenance tasks by scheduling planned preventive maintenance work orders based on time or meters,
  • Easily generates reports.
Operations and maintenance software

Challenge in Operation & Maintenance

If you are not sure about your need; a yes to one of the following questions shall be seen as a beginning of an answer:

  • Are you managing piles of work orders without the slightest clue which has been completed?
  • Are you aware of which assets or equipment have and have not been maintained?
  • Is it difficult for you to track employee’s records?

If you wonder how to determine if ClickOnSite is the right product for your organization; here are a few key points to help you make that decision.

  • Have you been looking at other solutions, but just can’t find one that fits your needs?
  • Are your current support contracts and licensing fees way too high?
  • Are you having trouble supporting or extending an in-house solution?
  • Do you need something that is more flexible to support your different team needs?
  • Does your organization have some unique process requirements you need to integrate?
  • Do you need to combine multiple issue management tools into one application?


Trouble tickets

The TT features have been designed to prioritize, assign, track reports and audit the issues. More than just an issue tracker ClickOnSite lets the user create various schemes for workflows, notification and screens. The user can configure different type of events (fault management, customer complain, optimization) and fields (priority, severity, impacted cells and so on).  It allows tracking, allocating and reporting on project tasks with real-time statistics.

  • Tracks who, what, where, why, when and how of each trouble ticket
  • Tracks SLA fulfillment
  • Allows prioritizing and categorizing work for easy planning
  • Takes into account the customer impact
  • Allows multiple employees to be assigned to resolve a trouble ticket
  • Allows attachment of safety instruction or job plan


Work Orders

Tracking who, what, where, why, when of maintenance work. Including employee’s hours, spares, consumables and all costs by work order. Allows prioritizing and categorizing work for easy planning, captures failure mode, prevention action taken and customer satisfaction.

  • Tracks who, what, where, why, when and how of each maintenance work
  • Tracks employee’s hours and cost on each work
  • Tracks costs by work
  • Allows prioritizing and categorizing work for easy planning
  • Captures failure code and prevention taken
  • Tracks spares and consumables on each work
  • Tracks customer satisfaction
  • Tracks work access appointment times
  • Allows multiple employee to be assigned to a work order
  • Allows re-open of work order
  • Allows attachment of safety instruction or job plan


Preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance sub-module enables preventive tasks to be scheduled for a particular site based on a fixed time interval. ClickOnSite automatically creates work orders when preventive maintenance is due and it documents your activities making it easier to analyze trends and spot recurrent problems.


Inventory control

Simple, fast and accurate, ClickOnSite tracks all of the information you need for inventory.

  • Capture serial number
  • Displays work history for each asset
  • Displays work order costs for each asset
  • Tracks movement of assets

The bar code scanner eliminates having to manually count inventory, which takes up much time of your staff.  It is an essential tool in the challenging battle to maintain an accurate inventory.



ClickOnSite provides detail reports on equipment, work and resource productivity.
Produces complete reports sorted by date, time, location, category, people, department and status.

  • Suite of reports
  • Fast screen based filter and search list reports for investigation
  • Hyperlink to any document within the network
  • Integrates MS Excel for easy report writing on a familiar platform


Functionality summary in Operation & Maintenance

  • Trouble ticketing
  • Work Orders
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • Reporting