State of the art fleet management

Flexible, modular, highly configurable

Manage vehicles, fuel, parts logs and service workflow. Increase efficiency.

Fleetdome has many extra functions to help fleet managers to do their job and increase efficiency. It includes for instance a garage interface to interact better with maintenance providers.


Access vehicle details

Schedule maintenances


Track fuel and parts


Manage service RFQs

Fleet management software

A simple and user-friendly interface

Accomplish particular tasks in no time and learn about the application features by simple observation. This is the result of our optimization program that does not only improve software navigation and design, but also limits the number of clicks to access the information, and focuses on wording quality to avoid misinterpretation and excessive thinking.


All the information you need at anytime.

FleetDome was developed to fulfill the needs of one of ITD’s client who wanted to improve its fleet management but who could not find a software that manages its cars and drivers as well as its entire service and maintenance workflow (from service request to payment record, throughout work order, acceptance etc.). Today, FleetDome is a standard, stand-alone application, accessible 24/7 in ASP mode. It can easily be configured or localized by a client’s “power user” as to perfectly answer its present and future needs.



vehicle and drivers management software