ClickOnSite is a powerful tool to store information about existing sites and keep an overview on the overall network. It enables site managers to better control physical assets and better manage the relationships with owners, tenants and other stakeholders.
The application is very easy to use and does not require consultants or long training cycles to start using it.

Key benefits

  • Increased control of your sites

  • Eased maintenance and distribution of the site information

  • Improved access to information

  • Proactively managed results of on/off-site activities. Know about issues as they are emerging, not once they’ve reached a crisis.

  • Assured compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002



In the year 2000, the main focus of telecommunication providers was still to roll out their network(s) in many countries,
as fast as possible. Some tracked their projects using Excel and numerous spreadsheets,
some used more advanced tools that are now obsolete, but almost no one foresaw the growing need for site management.

The candidate site was identified, a lease was signed, the site was built and integrated, and that was it!
However, when new technologies (3G) and new regulation (SOX) came, site churn
and financial investigations also started, leaving room for doubt and suspicion.

Today, our industry has left this difficult period behind, giving increasing importance to site management
and creating a need for tools that take into account the network lifecycle. ClickOnSite is such a tool!

ClickOnSite is the most recent and innovative information system in the area of site management,
lease management, on-site inventory, contact management, and much more to come.



ClickOnSite assures consistent, real-time access to important leasing and financial information including date of start, lease term, rental charges, payment frequency etc. It handles the entire lease life cycle from registration to cancellation and records every financial transaction. It proactively monitors critical dates such as payment and contract renewal.


On-site inventories

On-site inventory, maintenance and upgrade documentation can be accessed from your computer in seconds. You are assured that every document you see is the latest version and that updates you make will be available immediately to all users. It is widely used in managing existing sites on a day-to-day basis, and really brings in added value when sites move to a redevelopment phase (technology upgrade, swap etc.).
ClickOnSite Site-Management provides property managers with the up-to-date, accurate information they need for good decision making, and assures them that important documentation is always secure and always readily accessible.


Contacts & communication

The contact management feature has been specifically designed to help record contacts and business details, to create, manage and file communication with/between all participants quickly and easily and to produce targeted mailshots.
With everyone accessing a common set of information, and with status reports on outstanding issues available at any time, liaising between owners, your team and other stakeholders is easy.



The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 mandates that managers know what is happening at all levels of their organizations. ClickOnSite Site-Management provides you with the knowledge you need to help keep you compliant.

Functionality summary
site management

  • Enter and edit future lease information as you receive it, then activate the lease at a later date
  • Enter each lease with its own provisions
  • Track lease start and termination
  • Unique source for lease management and accounts payable processing
  • Complete automation of On-site inventory and audits
  • Customizable detailed inventory/audit reporting
  • Track inventory changes
  • Manage your customer contacts quickly and easily
  • Instantly access your previous communication with each of your contacts
  • Update and track your projects individually
  • Quickly produce your targeted mailings by post and email
  • Automatically record your outgoing letters, emails, and faxes
  • Quickly view your contact history and communication whether that be via email, fax, letter, or telephone all from one location