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At IT-Development, research and innovation are part of our DNA. Beyond the laboratory, we are committed to supporting academic research by collaborating with the greatest scientific experts in their field.

To provide meaning to the major concepts of the sector, to share a maximum of knowledge and to promote the telecom industry’s state of the art, to build breakthrough innovations with our teams… These are some of the missions we entrust to our research partners.

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Mohamed SALLAK

and Associate Professor/HRD
at Heudiasyc Laboratory
in Technology University
of Compiègne (FRANCE)


What are the different types of maintenance?

In this first part, get an overview of the different types of maintenance in telecoms: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, predictive maintenance, etc. Read more…

Preventive maintenance: what is the best strategy?

If you neglect preventive maintenance, the consequences of on-site efficiency will be severe (in terms of time and cost (visible or hidden)). In this second chapter, our partner shares the industry’s best practices for defining an effective strategy.
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Corrective maintenance: how to easily improve your strategy?

Corrective maintenance is carried out after the failure of service or equipment and is intended to put the site equipment in a nominal state in which the site can perform its required functions. How to improve your corrective maintenance process? How can simple tools help you? Our ITD Research partner clarifies the issue for you.
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Predictive maintenance: stop confusing it with condition-based maintenance

Too often confused with condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance is often misused. How to avoid mistakes and how to perfectly position it in your strategy? Our ITD Research expert explains.
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Preventive maintenance: What is the best strategy?

Preventive maintenance: What is the best strategy?

After a complete overview of the different types of maintenance, Mohamed Sallak, Ph.D. and Associate Professor/HRD at the Heudiasyc laboratory of the University of Compiègne (FRANCE), provides us with a second chapter dedicated to preventive maintenance. What are the facets of this maintenance?...

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What are the different types of telecom maintenance?

What are the different types of telecom maintenance?

Telecommunication towers are considered the backbone of telecommunication systems. These towers provide important aspects in transmitting the signals or radio coverage. As the telecommunication towers age, maintenance for each site is increasingly important. Often, telecommunication site equipment...

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