Finding the right management software for your telecom issues remains a major challenge.
Excel-based solutions do not necessarily guarantee a centralization of information or even a real-time update of data. A lack of visibility that impacts your business and, at the same time, makes you lose a lot of time and money.

By choosing ClickOnSite, you are opting for a unified database, available anywhere and at any time. You reduce your costs and guarantee efficient management of your infrastructures. But to express all its power, its implementation must be successful. Wondering how to do it?

We show you our know-how in 9 key steps:

  1. We create a sense of community by establishing working relationships that will survive implementation and be the basis for a long and fruitful collaboration. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with your teams and your project manager to design the processes and business requirements tailored to your needs.
  2. We are on your side to encourage key users to practice, practice, practice.
  3. We jointly establish a clear migration strategy at the start of the project. Our goal is to provide you with clean data at the time of commissioning.
  4. We ensure that each member of your team is assigned the appropriate role and access.
  5. With BPMN 2.0, we integrate processes that perfectly reflect the way you work.
  6. Together, we frame the perimeter and avoid any drift (deviation and continuous or uncontrolled growth of the perimeter of a project).
  7. We are convinced that the support and endorsement of the project must come from above. For example, steering committees allow the management, together with the competence center in the case of our group clients, to take stock of the project’s progress. By interacting regularly, we intervene to remove obstacles, most of the time before they even appear.
  8. We initiate and execute a detailed project plan. This plan involves many iterations as the needs of the client, operator or towerco, are realized.
  9. Finally, when setting up within the subsidiary of a large group, even if we are leading the project, we work closely with the Customer Competence Centre, which has an increasing role in leading the change.

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