Following the announcement of its expansion into the region at the end of 2022, IT-Development today formalized the signing of its first contract, with MX Towers (MXT), the Wireless Infrastructure subsidiary of the MXT Holdings group, a key player in the Mexican telecoms infrastructure market.

The contract covers the supply and implementation of ClickOnSite software, which will enable MXT to efficiently manage its vast portfolio of telecom infrastructures across Mexico, including 1,450+ telecom towers, 11 DAS systems, and ~3,500 kilometers of fiber optic networks (long-distance and metropolitan).

ClickOnSite, the all-in-one platform for towercos, escos, and fibercos

ClickOnSite is a collaborative platform with multiple functionalities for optimizing operations planning, intervention tracking, network asset management, and telecom infrastructure maintenance.

Antoine Delaprée, CEO and founder of MXT Holdings, explained: “We were looking for a technology partner capable of helping us manage our existing portfolio and integrate a portfolio of telecom towers that we have just acquired. IT-Development’s solution will enable us to streamline our processes, better manage and analyze our assets to make the right strategic and operational decisions more quickly.

Catching the telecoms boom in Latin America

Latin America is experiencing rapid growth in mobile networks, driven by the adoption of 5G and growing demand for connectivity. In this promising context, towercos are playing a key role in providing operators with the essential infrastructure.

Jérôme Perret, CEO of IT-Development, says: “This first contract is a major milestone in our regional expansion strategy. “It strengthens our leadership position and confirms our ambition to become number 1 on the South American continent, as we already are in Europe and Africa.

Why does Mexico need ClickOnSite?

With 130 million inhabitants, Mexico is the 2nd largest economy in Latin America. Operators are therefore investing massively to deploy fiber optics and 5G to meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity.

Operators, towercos, and fibercos in Mexico can benefit from centralized asset management to accelerate network infrastructure deployment (towers, antennas, fiber, etc.) and densification across the country.

Streamlining operations as a lever for growth

This step is crucial to optimizing the use of increasingly qualified resources, improving operational efficiency, and increasing the scalability and flexibility of infrastructures. It eliminates redundancy and complexity, simplifies workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and facilitates the management of physical assets while reducing costs for equipment, maintenance, and energy.
This rationalization is made all the easier by the use of innovative technologies such as those employed by ClickOnSite, which relies on BPMN, a no-code data model, AI, and OCR.
By adopting modern infrastructure management tools, telecom players in Latin America can increase the operational efficiency, quality, and resilience of their networks to meet the challenges of the region’s digital transformation.

Next steps: conquering other key markets

Strengthened by this success in Mexico, and the loyalty of Orange Antilles Guyane and Altice in the Dominican Republic, our ambition is now to accelerate our development in other countries of the Latin America and Caribbean region, where the investment perspectives in telecom infrastructure remains very promising!