In the dynamic world of telecommunications, innovation is the key to success. IT-Development (ITD), as a driver of growth and innovation, has recently established a promising collaboration with the start-up BuildAndRun. The latter offers simple, intelligent project management software designed specifically for site developers. At the heart of this collaboration is an initiative to integrate a project management view into ClickOnSite, similar to that of BuildAndRun’s SaaS software.

A shared vision

ITD and BuildAndRun share a common vision focused on innovation and continuous improvement in software publishing for the telecommunications sector. This collaboration stems from a shared conviction that the exchange of innovative ideas and perspectives is the key to meeting complex market challenges.

BuildAndRun, an inspiring partner

BuildAndRun has designed a 100% project management software package for mobile and fiber optic site developers. This eponymous software offers an exceptionally comprehensive and powerful view of project management, filling a crucial need in our sector. The start-up’s innovative approach quickly caught our attention, paving the way for a fruitful collaboration.

Exchange ideas and respond quickly to needs

In June 2023, our experts took the initiative of meeting the users of one of our largest Towerco references. In dialogue with them, we identified a major challenge linked to the management of their projects. Thanks to BuildAndRun’s agile approach, we were able to react quickly by providing a mock-up of the required functionality. This was validated by the customer in record time.

Functionality integration and future developments

The final version of this functionality, developed with the help of BuildAndRun resources, will enable ClickOnSite to optimize project management in terms of baselines, forecasts and actuals. In addition, this collaboration will enable the integration of Gantt views, a concept long envisaged by our R&D teams but difficult to realize until now.

Cultivating the value of partnership

This exemplary collaboration between our company and BuildAndRun perfectly illustrates the benefits of an innovative, collaborative approach. Their pilot view functionality is proving remarkably popular with telecom planners. By drawing on their know-how and best practices, ClickOnSite will rapidly evolve to better meet market needs and offer ever more effective functionalities.

“We plan to cultivate this value by looking to share data between the two software products in future developments. This strategic step will reinforce the complementary nature of our respective solutions, offering users an even more enriching experience. We look forward to continuing this promising adventure, anticipating further advances and developments that will benefit our entire telecom community. ” Concludes François Pouilloux, CTO at IT-Development.