Last year, IT-Development made a remarkable appearance in the Top 250 French software editors, compiled by the prestigious firm Ernst & Young. One year on, the company confirms its upward trajectory by gaining even more places in the 13ᵉ edition of this prestigious ranking.


In 2022, fund raising remained at a high level, amounting to 4.1 billion euros compared with 3.5 billion in 2021. However, since the end of September 2023, there has been a decline in fund-raising, with a refocusing on large-scale deals in excess of 100 million euros: 13 deals in 2022, compared with just one at the end of September 2023. This drop in fund-raising is explained by a climate of uncertainty and publishers’ preference for non-dilutive sources of financing. Fortunately, publishers’ self-financing capacity – 91% of them – is a major asset in getting through this period of uncertainty.


Consolidation of past performance 

Entering the Top 250 last year was no fluke for IT-Development. We were able to consolidate its past performance, demonstrating our ability to maintain a sustained growth trajectory. The 13ᵉ edition of the ranking confirms our exponential growth. For, beyond our presence in this panorama, we have managed to climb significantly up the rankings. These results are undoubtedly the fruit of a carefully considered strategy and structured, professional execution.

Indeed, increasing the company’s workforce has enabled us to diversify and boost the quality of our products and services (creation of a training center, recruitment of Business Analysts, Developers, DevOps, and Product Owners, etc.), while accelerating ClickOnSite’s export worldwide.

This growth strategy has ensured the loyalty of ClickOnSite early adopters such as the Orange Group and Tele2. But it has also convinced other major players in the sector, such as the African Group MTN since 2020, then the French TowerCo TOTEM and the Iraqi operator AsiaCell in 2022. Like most software publishers, we’ve also sensed the interest of Mobile Network Operators and Towercos in SaaS solutions. In addition to our licensed offering, our new SaaS offering opens the way to another form of profitability, in response to the inflationary trend. With a panel of reliable customers and the arrival of new key accounts, as well as ClickOnSite’s innovations, we look forward to winning over new companies and making their users’ daily lives easier.

Exponential growth in 2022

Against the uncertain backdrop of 2023, we are resolutely optimistic about the challenges that lie ahead. The encouraging forecasts are already translating into sustained growth for our company. For the second year running, we have climbed the ranks of French software editors, setting a new record for IT-Development.

Compared to the previous year, when we proudly reached 244ᵉ place among French software editors and 116ᵉ place among French sector software editors, we are now surpassing our own achievements. In 2023, we reached 210ᵉ place in the overall ranking and 102ᵉ place among sector software editors. This apparent advance, though modest in numbers, represents a significant leap for our company and all our teams.

From French start-up to internationally recognized scale-up in the telecoms ecosystem, we have achieved a remarkable transformation. However, our ambition does not stop here. We are looking forward to many more developments in the years to come, affirming our ongoing commitment to innovation, growth and strengthening our market position. IT-Development remains a dynamic force, ready to take on new challenges and write the next chapters of our success in the world of software editors.