Today marks a momentous occasion as we celebrate a decade of technological leadership with François Pouilloux, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Over the past 10 years, our CTO has been at the helm of driving innovation, shaping our company’s technological landscape, and navigating the ever-evolving world of technology. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with him to reflect on the challenges, triumphs, and transformative experiences that have defined this remarkable journey. From establishing a robust technological foundation to mentoring the next generation of technologists, our CTO shares insights into the past, present, and exciting future of our company’s technological evolution. Join us as we delve into a decade of growth, learning, and commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.

Julie MUNOZ, ITD Communications Manager (JMU): Congratulations on your remarkable milestone, celebrating 10 years as the Chief Technology Officer of our company! Looking back on this decade-long journey, can you share some key moments that stand out to you as pivotal in shaping the IT-Development’s technological landscape?
François Pouilloux, ITD CTO (FPO): Thank you! It’s been an incredible journey, indeed! My primary mission when joining ITD as a CTO was to lay a strong foundation for future growth. Overlooking the implementation of enterprise-grade solutions, building a talented engineering team, and fostering a culture of respect, humility, curiosity, and efficiency were essential steps in achieving this mission.

JMU: Mentoring the next generation of technologists is a significant part of your role. Can you share some insights into the satisfaction and challenges you’ve experienced in guiding our team of engineers and contributing to their professional development?
FPO: Absolutely. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role has been cultivating a shared set of values and skills across our geographically dispersed engineering team in France, Slovakia, and Vietnam. The diversity of our team members and their cultural backgrounds enriches our work environment, effectively bridging the language and distance barriers that could otherwise hinder collaboration. Our team brings together the fresh perspectives of work-study students and the seasoned expertise of professionals who have been with the company for years. This combination of experience and enthusiasm fosters a dynamic and collaborative environment that drives innovation and motivation.

JMU: As you reflect on the past 10 years, what specific technological advancements or projects are you most proud of, and how do you see these shaping ITD’s future?
FPO: Several milestones have guided our engineering journey, including adopting the Spring and Angular frameworks, integrating BPMN and a flexible data model to create a low-code solution and the foresight to build our infrastructure on Docker at a time when containerization was not as widely adopted. We have also embraced cloud-based tools and open-source components, providing a robust foundation for our engineering environment. Our recent additions of Kafka, Spark, and Kubernetes reflect our commitment to supporting our customers’ data growth with scalable solutions that can adapt to their evolving needs.

JMU: Exciting times lie ahead. How do you envision leading ITD through the next decade of technological advancements, and what is your outlook for the future?
FPO: I have a long-time interest in AI. Integrating some machine learning into our solution last year has been a significant move. Using Large Language Model (LLM) agents is already transforming our workflow. They proactively suggest improvements on small code snippets and swiftly answer technical queries, enhancing productivity and reducing errors. I envision AI-powered tools that can analyze extensive codebases like ours, enabling engineers to more easily produce clean, secure, and efficient code. We’re also exploring the potential of fine-tuned LLMs for process improvement, data reporting, and other innovative applications.

JMU: Your 10 years as CTO at ITD have been enriching and transformative. What final thoughts or sentiments would you like to share with our readers, team, and stakeholders?
FPO: I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as CTO of IT Development and to play a part in our company’s growth and success. I am incredibly proud that the fruits of our team’s labor are used by an ever-increasing number of users around the globe. Seeing the smiles on my colleagues’ faces every day as they come to work fills me with immense satisfaction. As we move forward, I am confident that we will continue to enhance the value of the products and services we provide to our users, striving to make their lives easier and more productive.