At ITD, diversity is mainly expressed by a diversity of origins, profiles, and personalities. Jerome Perret, ITD’s CEO, invites us behind the scenes of the company and reveals the richness and challenges resulting from this multiculturalism.

Diversity of origin

Don’t be afraid to talk about it, origin is not a dirty word. Our origins are incredibly varied: French, Slovak, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, South African, Tunisian, American, Ecuadorian, Greek, Dutch, Ivorian, …

Why such diversity? You might almost think that it is done on purpose and that we are encouraging positive discrimination. But, not at all!

First, it comes from our affiliates and offices abroad: in France but also in Slovakia, Vietnam, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ivory Coast, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

Secondly, the level of mathematics and the North African proximity mean that a lot of engineers on the French market come from this region.

For other profiles, the choice is deliberate and based on common sense. At ITD, we believe that speaking our customers’ language is a courtesy! Therefore, to establish ourselves in South America, we are looking for an expert from this geographical area, who speaks the native language and knows the customs and traditions, as only a native can do.

The last explanation is simply that diversity exists and we are lucky?

Diversity of profiles

As in many companies, ITD’s employees have diverse profiles and sometimes very different backgrounds (e.g. engineering school, university, business school, etc.). In reality, this difference has little impact.

By contrast, the situation becomes more difficult between software engineers and service company specialists.

The inventory would be incomplete if we did not mention our biggest challenge, which is also one of our greatest strengths: matching an academic engineer with a business expert who swears by his or her field experience. In this case, the complexity of the situation leads us to implement a basic concept: « We do what is the best for the client! »

Diversity of personality

Sometimes we wonder why we don’t spend a week at ITD without a shouting match. Because, here as everywhere else, this is also the consequence of personality diversity. The animal apology is quite useful to illustrate this point. It is not easy to make wolves, tigers, a bear, two or three sharks, many dolphins, a hawk, and some parrots cohabit. ?
But it is also the result of team spirit and its foundations. We trust each other and are not afraid of conflict. A frank and direct discussion is the best way to clear up a misunderstanding or a disagreement. The objective is to keep the focus on the essential: the project!

Diversity is multiple

Sometimes voluntary, often linked to chance, or opportunistic, at times challenging. Whatever the case may be, it is always a huge source of wealth. A richness is illustrated by our teams, whose results I am proud to present to you here.
Congrats guys!