Rolling out and managing towers/sites means staff, and/or contractors, working in the field, bringing information back to the main office to be recorded. The ClickOnSite Mobile app bridges the gap between the field and the central office.

ClickOnSite Mobile is made specifically for staff and contractors in the field to capture information (even offline!) and update the central company database in just a few taps and swipes on a smartphone. It is a great example of simplicity and effectiveness as MNOs and Towercos embrace digital transformation in managing their passive tower infrastructure.



  • Speed: data and images updated directly from the field
  • Time: staff captures + uploads data in one step; no transcribing
  • Accuracy: since data is updated in one-step, not in two, no errors in transcription
  • Reduce site visits: combine ClickOnSite’s task management with the easy, intuitive mobile app, and what used to take multiple site visits can be done in one
  • Employee satisfaction: eliminates boring, repetitive work

Use cases 

  • Site hunting
  • Civil work acceptance
  • Radio acceptance
  • Power acceptance
  • Asset inventory
  • Work orders
  • Failure reports
  • Fuel logs

Optimized tasks

  • Geolocate your technicians
  • Fill in checklists
  • Take/upload pictures
  • Scan bar codes

Product Features

  • Captures data offline
  • Uploads directly to ClickOnSite
  • Fully configurable
  • Forms customized to your needs (without developer involvement)
  • App user interface is intuitive, no training required

ClickOnSite Mobile is a game-changer in the industry. We love showing it off. Contact us for a demo!