At ITD we see our role as helping our customers grow and be successful in their business as a long-term partner. A lot of companies make similar statements. We have a track record proving that in our case it is true.

Every day our team puts into practice the philosophy of satisfying our customers. Since we ourselves come from managing tower roll outs, we identify with our customers, with the jobs they are doing. While developing the ClickOnSite software and technical services, or while providing personal support, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and do our best to make their work go smoothly. Our success is based on our customers’ success and satisfaction with ClickOnSite.

We especially appreciate doing workshops with our customers: it is always great to meet people in person (which makes working at distance easier), we hear about their everyday work, and we show them how ClickOnSite can help them. They give us ideas and input for new features. And we take on board feedback for how ClickOnSite needs to be improved. The face-to-face interactions of a workshop are invaluable for long-term collaboration and product improvement.

High usage & satisfaction, low churn

The results of our customer-orientation are clearly good for our customers and for ITD: we have impressively high usage, satisfaction, and very low churn:

  • 95% of ClickOnSite customers stay with the software; any churn has basically only come from customer internal business decisions, not tool replacement
  • 98% of customers use ClickOnSite on a daily basis
  • 90% of users say ClickOnSite improves their work

Long-term customer satisfaction

To demonstrate to prospects our long-term customer-relationships, we have an graphic showing some of the customers we have had for more than 6 years. We don’t show the names of those customers publicly, but the graph paints an impressive picture that we are proud of: 

We make ClickOnSite to be the #1 tool for site rollouts and infrastructure management, and we strive to be a great partner to our customers. Customer feedback, communication and challenges faced by our clients fuel our efforts for continuous improvement. In the end, customer loyalty is the best measure of our success.