IT-Development has attracted investment from EB Partners (the investment vehicle of EB Solutions) to accelerate ClickOnSite sales, and to support operations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and SE Asia.

ITD has been growing organically, aligned with the needs of MNOs and Towercos who, as telecom tower rollouts and daily infrastructure management have become increasingly complex, are moving from software tools that were not made for such multifaceted interactions (especially Excel) to telecom-industry optimized software like ClickOnSite.

As MNOs and Towercos try to bring operations costs under control while dealing with growing demands for scale and speed, there is a clear trend in the telecom industry to replace the processes and infrastructure management tools which were put in place during the dash to build towers in the 1990s and 2000s with more efficient scalable solutions. 5G will only make this need more acute.
Recognizing ClickOnSite’s ideal placement at the center of these growing needs, and ITD’s success in delivering customer value and satisfaction, EB Partners has invested in IT-Development to bring the advantages of ClickOnSite to more customers, more quickly.
This round of funding is focused on the speed and scale of bringing ClickOnSite to customers. It will primarily be used to achieve:


Proximity to customers and extend to new territories

A core value of ITD is the spirit of partnership with our customers. This means engagement to understand their operations so we can optimize ClickOnSite for them, as well as product support. We achieve our enviably high customer retention rate by being close to our customers, literally and figuratively.
ITD will reinforce and expand our local presence in West Africa & South East Asia from our offices in Abidjan and Ho Chi Minh City. We will also open a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Grow sales team and provide the benefits of ClickOnSite to more and more clients

We are putting special emphasis on growing our sales team to increase conversations with prospects about ClickOnSite. MNOs and Towercos need a tool like ClickOnSite to manage complexity and scale across hundreds, or thousands, of towers. Simply put, we are adding people to let more companies than ever know how ClickOnSite will help them!


Increase the speed and quality of ClickOnSite implementations thanks to investment

ITD is known for its ability to implement ClickOnSite much faster than our competitors’ site management solutions: we typically need half the time, or less, than our competitors. Our vision that low-code configuration is faster than customization through code development has proven itself in practice.
To maintain — and even improve upon — this speed as we implement and manage more and more customers, we will invest in:

  • Training (internal and for customers)
  • More expertise (hiring the best telecom and BPM Business Analysts available)
  • Improved methodology

Grow adoption and change management support

We are strong believers in the efficiency of optimized and standardized processes in company operations. ClickOnSite is a gateway for digital transformation within telecom companies.
One of the differentiator advantages of ClickOnSite is the unification of processes across an organization through Business Process Management (BPM), which automates project management. We work closely with our customers to facilitate adoption in their companies of the advantages of working digitally. Buying a great tool like ClickOnSite is one thing, but easing adoption and usage of it by staff requires a unique skill set, and as “telecoms people making software for telecoms”, ITD is ideally situated to facilitate that within client organizations.
We will invest in continuing to be leaders in telco digital transformation, and the best partner for MNOs and Towercos in their digital transformation journey.
The ITD team believes wholeheartedly in the value ClickOnSite delivers to telecoms and we want to get its advantages into the hands of as many MNOs and Towercos as possible. We are excited about this investment which will enable us to do exactly that!


About EB Partners
EB Group of companies is a global IT and solutions provider delivering PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) collaboration and Integration Platforms to businesses for 20 years. EB Solutions is a Technology and Engineering hub with global operations. This rich corporate heritage provides the company with many advantages that translate into tangible benefits for customers.