According to the latest study on vocational training, conducted by CEGOS in 2018, 92% of employees believe that training is a lever of competitiveness for companies. However, the areas many companies prefer to focus on their corporate culture or on more traditional user experience.
IT-Development sees further ahead. Motivated by ambitious objectives and R&D, our management can provide training at the product level, both with technologies and in its design, offering a more fluid experience for customers.



Training is an issue for companies and employees alike.

Within companies, training is still a complicated subject. However, it is essential to stimulate the competitiveness and loyalty of employees. If you still have doubts, here are some figures that speak for themselves:

So why wait?


ITD assists its clients and employees in their skills development

A study by LinkedIn recently revealed that 68% of employees prefer to learn at work. However, they do not always have the time to carry out learning activities. Indeed, we must face the number one challenge of training by getting employees to take the time to learn multiple solutions in an organization.

This is why we offer our clients the opportunity to work together. We build training plans dedicated to increasing the skills of your workforce. We offer training and coaching adapted to each project. So, that they are consistent with the client’s uses, and we offer user-friendly worksheets, linked to our concept of agility. Using these methods, we choose key moments in the project when training is needed, both in terms of targets, content, … then, we work closely with our clients to guarantee the quality of its implementation, according to the specific needs of their organization.
Regarding product documentation, the important thing is to rethink and restructure the content in order to offer a more fluid user experience. The documentation, although always contractual, must allow feedback from the workers who are being trained.

Jerome Perret, President of IT-Development, says:This strong choice to create a dedicated entity is motivated by the convergence of a pool of experts within our company. Thanks to this, we are anchoring our business knowledge and sharing it more widely. Even if it’s not an end in itself, I consider training to be a pillar to encourage product adoption. In my opinion, a well-trained user – and one who is continuously trained – is a user who takes full advantage of the capabilities of our tool. That’s how we all become more efficient.

A touch of femininity as a conductor

Leading this project is Anne Manoussakis, Training and Documentation Manager. Even though her career background is as a digital training engineer, her missions go far beyond the animation of training sessions. Her goal? To bring a sustainable and deep vision by structuring training and documentation. She wants to rethink it in order to move for your organization to better compete in the market. Thanks to her expertise, she has already been able to develop basic standards for both customers and employees.

She says: “When I joined ITD, I understood that my main challenge was to take into account intercultural differences and the international dimension. Indeed, like all human sciences, training responds to complex issues: you don’t train in Asia as you do in Africa. Therefore, I am careful to take into account the types of learning and differences linked to different countries. Offering the most effective educational offer remains my priority for our clients.