Demand for efficient tower site management is booming: scaling, control and visibility are critical for MNOs and Towercos to reduce their OPEX, and accelerate their ROI

The best part of Mobile World Congress every year is the opportunity to talk directly with many people in the telecoms industry. We stay close to our customers and the needs of the industry, and meetings like we had at Mobile World Congress 2018 keep our development of ClickOnSite aligned with the needs of the industry. 

We are enthusiastic about the companies we talked to at Mobile World Congress 2018 as customers, and as partners, but we can’t name names yet 🙁 . We will make announcements as soon as we can!

Jerome, Romaric and Steve barely had a chance to sit during the entire four days as we caught up with existing customers, went into detail with prospects already looking at ClickOnSite, and did lots of introductory demos to people just discovering us.

And that was only on the sales side! We also talked to partners about integrating their services into the ClickOnSite platform. (All remarked how seamless that would be given our open, modern technology stack and RESTful APIs).

And then there were those conversations of different types which an event like MWC fosters which inspired ideas and potential features to ClickOnSite.

Our takeaway is that demand for efficient tower site management is booming: the complexity and time pressures related to managing rollouts and thousands of sites mean that scaling, control and visibility are critical for MNOs and Towercos to reduce their OPEX, and accelerate their ROI by having sites operational quicker. ClickOnSite is the one tool needed to achieve all this and it is encouraging to see how many people see that.

A special thanks to Business France and its team for their support.

See you out in the world over the course of 2018!