Take control on your resources

by | Oct 27, 2012?

The telecommunications world has been constantly changing since the mid-nineties. It has been through a string of events including deregulation, major incumbent operators massively investing in export markets, the emergence of a multitude of markets, along with new skills and players. Several true industrial-scale technological revolutions occurred in less than twenty years. The resources put in place to face these daunting challenges have enabled operators to deal with the most urgent tasks in view of the economic requirements. However, there has been less emphasis on the management of existing data and assets. Yet, these elements constitute the basis of any operation. This quarterly newsletter will be used to support our sales approach and we will share our expertise in areas which are crucial to your operations. For instance, our Asset Management solutions are designed to provide a global, cross-departmental and accurate answer to your equipment management processes which are the backbone of your network. IT-Development is also a major player in the area of Spare Part Management Systems (SPMS) and provides specific-purpose options to efficiently manage Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) in accordance with the Service Level Agreements defined by the operator. Furthermore, we have more than ten years’ experience in the field which is proof of our commitment to develop business intelligence solutions, combining datawarehouses to market-available products such as Business Objects or Crystal Reports.We are also investigating the Predictive Planning market: our own settings carried out on databases make it possible to anticipate the resources necessary in a large number of fields such as fleet management, staffing needs or equipment flow on a case-by-case basis. As you will have guessed, IT-Development are not selling hot air. We provide practical tools to enable you to take control of your resources because our strategy is crystal clear: to closely meet the needs of our customers.