Return On Investment (ROI) is something every business must consider. Due to the many variables related to tower management, it is hard to calculate. But the cost savings — and positive revenue impact achieved by getting sites operating (billing!) faster — are real. As an enterprise software provider, we must show clearly how ClickOnSite saves a company operating expenditures and/or enable them to generate more revenue after the initial investment. Since each customer has their own unique set of parameters, there is no simple math table to show the exact ROI for everyone, but in this post, we will show some tangible examples. ClickOnSite ROI is relatively easy to demonstrate in developed countries where salary and/or salary burdens are high. In emerging countries, the revenue increase that ClickOnSite enables is an especially important consideration in the whole ROI calculation. Based on our many years in the industry, ITD has developed an ROI calculator which takes into account the complexity of processes related to site rollouts and infrastructure management and crosses that with the efficiency gains by using ClickOnSite software. Understandably, we don’t put this sophisticated tool online, but we will gladly run your numbers (in confidence, of course!) to show how ClickOnSite will benefit your bottom line. You can use this simulation to build a case with your financial department to buy ClickOnSite. Contact us to discuss!

Reduce site visits costs

One of the most significant costs in rolling out and managing towers is site visits. It is also one of the areas where ClickOnSite has the greatest positive impact on reducing costs. Site visits include technician (site engineer or field service technician) travel time, as well as coordinating tasks to be done on-site. It is vastly more efficient to know that a site needs three different tasks completed, which can be carried out in one visit (or perhaps two), rather than sending three separate people out to each complete one task. ClickOnsite makes this overview of site status/needs visible and simplifies the scheduling. Let’s look at a simple calculation of cost/savings from site visits. In this example, we are talking about the efficiency of reducing duplication and errors, it is not even taking into account how much can be saved by combining multiple tasks into a single visit. Figures used are based on an actual customer’s numbers.
  • Average cost per person per site visit = 250 Euros
  • Average site visits/year = 9000
  • If today 30% of site visits (2,700) are wasted effort due to incomplete information, 675,000 Euros are wasted per year. ClickOnSite can reduce those wasted visits to… well, theoretically zero.
In any case, the costs savings just in this one aspect covers much of a typical ClickOnSite license. Then start adding up the cost savings through efficiency throughout the organization. Continuing the tower visit example, by using ClickOnSite Mobile to gather information (even offline) digitally, and seamlessly upload it to ClickOnSite — no re-entering data, no errors in transcription — and soon you have recovered your investment and are achieving a clear ROI.  

Enterprise OPEX Savings + Revenue Increase

The above is an example of one aspect of managing rollouts and sites. Let’s look at the bigger picture of ClickOnSite in a company:  

Example of OPEX savings + revenue increase over 3 years by using ClickOnSite for an operator with 1,500 sites & rollout of 300 new sites per year in a country with a low ARPU of €3.50

With workflow automation, MNOs increase quality, accuracy, reduce duplication, improve scheduling and forecasting, reduce time spent in meetings, etc. and save an incredible number of man hours. 

By implementing ClickOnSite and replacing spreadsheets, MNOs install antennas faster & generate revenue earlier.


In short, ClickOnSite lowers costs for MNOs and Towercos by making information visible across the organization. And by getting towers up and running faster, you start billing, i.e. generating revenue, faster.

We are happy to model your ROI with your own data (in strict confidence) . Contact us to discuss!