“Make the everyday better!” is the short version to “Make the day to day of your telecom engineers a better work experience!”. The intention is the same with the new ClickOnSite.

After months of survey including customer enquiry, reading of market analysis and brainstorming about our value proposition, we came to the conclusion that our users must be the center of our attention. Keeping voluntary distance from the “customer centric” glassy wording, we commit to deliver products that please users and not only their management.

It goes beyond developing easy and simply to use applications. We aim to have more site acquisition users, radio or transmission planners who actually enjoy their daily task. It starts by providing a nice user interface that is accessible from PC, mobile and tablet using any market browser.
It continues with delivering the information users need and only this information. Instead of asking users to go look for the info, we deliver it. It goes the same for task management where rollout staff shall not deduct what to do from large site overviews but simply receive tasks. Also because we know that everybody likes crossing data, we give users the ability to create their own views with data from anywhere in the database. At last but not least, social features facilitate the flow of information making it just as natural as receiving a tweet. It might sound ambitious or look unreachable but it is real! Contact us, we are impatient to show you how inspired we are!