We constantly add features to ClickOnSite based on needs from our customers and in the telecom industry.  We are pleased to announce the ClickOnSite Supply Chain module, which allows MNOs and towercos to manage + track all their infrastructure assets in real-time within ClickOnSite (no need to open a different program).  At its core, ClickOnSite is a comprehensive store of all data related to your telecom tower assets and passive infrastructure. Just the fact that everyone from the office to the field works on one set of data in real-time is a huge leap forward from where most MNOs and towercos are today. But ClickOnSite is much more than a big database. There are layers of business logic atop the database, using the data, which make operations vastly more efficient, cutting costs, reducing errors, and even making your employees more satisfied with their jobs.


Tower lifecycle

Since our team has worked on the ground rolling out and managing tower sites, we know how important supply chain processes are. Indeed, they are key in all aspects of the tower lifecycle that you manage:

Tower Lifecycle


Introducing the ClickOnSite Supply Chain module

With the ClickOnSite Supply Chain module, you know in real-time exactly where all your assets are, and their status, without needing to open another program. Data related to the assets are done automatically in the background with a sophisticated, complex software engine, meaning no lost time — nor errors! — from manual entry.

  • Suppliers & warehouses: automated exchange of purchase orders, order confirmations and receipt confirmations
  • Site deployment: real-time tracking of delivery requests and product returns
  • Warehouse(s) management: real-time tracking of inbound & outbound logistics, and reverse requests
  • Assets management: asset attributes, statuses, conditions
  • Dashboards: view current & upcoming purchase orders, delivery requests, logistics activity, driving reports, activity in the warehouse, stock forecasting based on purchase orders and deployment programs, and more
  • Stock tracking: very detailed information about assets and bulk products
  • Customs clearance: gathers and keeps all documents for customs clearance

Contact us for more information and a demo to see the ClickOnSite Supply Chain module in action!