Orange France increases ClickOnSite user-base to 1,500 people

ITD is pleased to announce that one of our key customers, Orange France, has rolled out ClickOnSite across all their business units (UPR) managing telecom towers and sites; now 1,500 people in the company and their contractors use ClickOnSite.

Besides expanding our relationship with the famous French towerco, this implementation validates ITD’s vision of the efficiency and value ClickOnSite brings to managing thousands of sites at scale.

Until now, they were using our software to manage their site sharing, primarily in a dedicated team. Outside of this, across groups and teams managing tower sites and assets, there were 5 other units working in 5 different ways. They saw the efficiency and cost reduction our tool brought to the site sharing part of their business and decided to replace their internal rollout management tool with ClickOnSite across all business units.

Among the important issues ClickOnSite solves:

  • Makes all information related to sites and towers visible in real-time across the entire company
  • Unifies all site management processes within Orange France into one workflow
    • The task management system automatically notifies people of next steps, and flags if due dates are missed
  • Interfaces with other applications (ex. RAN application)
  • Allow external contractors to use the tool, reducing email exchanges
  • Document management embedded in the application

We are also very happy to report that the expansion project rolled out smoothly, with no major issues at launch. This is thanks to the teams at ITD and Orange working well together. Collaboration like this is a core value ITD strives to achieve and it’s great to see it in action on a large project like this.