An introduction made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March has come to fruition: TeleResources is now reseller of ClickOnSite in Australia & New Zealand! After learning about ClickOnSite’s advanced capabilities in managing cell site rollouts and assets at MWC, TeleResources saw that many of its clients in Australia and New Zealand would benefit from the control and efficiency of using ClickOnSite. Both companies found common ground in our approach to delivering the best solutions to our customers and thus a partnership was a natural fit. To learn more about ClickOnSite, visit TeleResources at the Comms Connect trade fair in Melbourne, 21-23 November 2017, where ClickOnSite will be among the products they will be demonstrating. ITD very much looks forward to working with TeleResources on making site rollouts and management in Australia and New Zealand more efficient and less hassle. Contact TeleResources: Contact ITD/ClickOnSite: About TeleResources: Established in 1983 the company began as an advisory firm helping major brands, including Nokia and Vodafone strategise entry to Australia. We were deeply involved in the standardisation of digital technology and assisted the Australian Government when the time came to switch off analogue mobile. Over time the company evolved to become a solutions provider working with best of breed software to design, build and operate wireless networks. Today we count all of the mobile operators in Australia and New Zealand as our clients as well as many others in SE Asia. About ITD: ITD has a suite of products, with its flagship ClickOnsite, the #1 solution for MNOs to manage cell tower rollouts and operations. We have 12,000 daily users across 20 countries, among them with prestigious industry players in the telecom industry such as Orange, Tele2, Altice. #MakeTheEverydayBetter summarizes our philosophy to keep ITD products easy to use. #MakeTheEverydayBetter