Visit booth #602 to see how to make tower rollouts easy and efficient

As the volume of cell towers being built in SE Asia increases, and to support their efficient rollouts and management, ITD opened its sales and development office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2016 (“ITD opens for business in Vietnam”). Already we have 5 people in the office, with another new business analyst coming in January 2018. Clients in Asia are looking for a tool flexible enough to adapt to their requirements, yet implemented quickly and able to remain current as the requirements evolve — perfect conditions for ClickOnSite!  Michael Blot, our business development manager for APAC is very active and says Indonesia and Vietnam are next in line for setting up new customers. Our business is growing quickly in the region — including our reseller partnership with TeleResources — and to further expand the reach of ClickOnSite, ITD will exhibit at the TowerXchange Meetup in Singapore, 12-13 December 2017. We have booth #602 where we will demo to decision makers at MNO’s and tower companies how ClickOnSite makes tower rollouts and site management much more efficient, and reduces costs. Our goals at the Meetup are:
  • Show off / demo why ClickOnSite is the best — and most cost-efficient — tool for rolling out tower sites. (Hint: it’s because ClickOnSite is specially made and optimized for those tasks and your staff’s working conditions; you don’t pay for ERP features you don’t use nor need.)
  • Gather requirements from the industry to ensure ClickOnSite’s features roadmap continues to be aligned with our customers’ needs.
  • Talk to potential integration partners. One area of particular interest is Remote Monitoring Systems specialists.
For more background on ClickOnSite and ITD’s global expansion, see the TowerXchange interview with our MD, Jerome Perret. Come talk to Jerome Perret (Managing Director) and Michael Blot (Business Development Manager, APAC) – we’d like to meet with you in person!