Multiculturalism: a source of creativity and innovation

Numerous surveys have already corroborated the results that we observe day after day: cultural diversity is a source of creativity and innovation in the enterprise. Multicultural teams represent a significant competitive advantage, because they help to better understand and adapt to customers’ needs, especially when the customers come from all over the world! At ITD, we have more than our fair share of multiculturalism, with no fewer than six different nationalities in a headcount of 40! Slovaks, French, one Vietnamese, one Romanian, one Belgian and one Beninese share the same objectives, address the same issues and are driven by the same desire for success day after day, and all in English, of course. And then, there are our partners from Morocco and Iran, and customers all over the world, from South-East Asia, to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Applying multiculturalism to the enterprise

Multiculturalism can be a source of misunderstandings and frustration, if it is not properly integrated and managed by the company. Poor communications can result in a lack of understanding and diminish the cohesion of a team. With the different cultures, languages, countries and working hours at ITD, communication is not always easy. Which is why the company policy addresses the subject at its root, inside the team, to make sure that its values can be expressed naturally to the outside world, customers and partners. ITD has developed communications and working methods that favour every team member’s creativity, mutual respect and team spirit. Regular team-building exercises and seminars are organised to get the very best out of this cultural melting pot. And it works! Innovation drives us every day. Innovation enables us to offer new solutions to telecommunications operators to long-standing problems, no matter where the customer is, and irrespective of its procedures and legal and political environment. If you fancy a multicultural adventure, and you want to work in Slovakia, Vietnam or France, then wait no longer! We look forward to receiving your application here.