To support its growth, ITD has chosen to capitalize on Jean-Yves Devaux‘s solid experience in project management. A way to upscale and achieve its goal: become the leader in software for easy deployment and management of telecommunications infrastructure.

After a career as a Front/Back Office developer and web trainer, Jean-Yves Devaux started his career as a project manager. He began by managing open-source projects for many digital service companies (ESNs) such as Veolia, Keolis, Bayer Group, the French Ministry of Interior and the French Ministry of Defence.

Arriving mid-October 2019, Jean-Yves is in charge of the « Service » team, which is composed of a dozen Business Analysts/Consultants. Among its missions: guarantee the quality of services as well as customer satisfaction, and optimize delivery deadlines.

But, by joining ITD, Jean-Yves wanted to regain the human dimension of SMEs.

« I like the cohesion at ITD. Here, I have found the right balance between proximity management and international challenges »


« With the help of our recent fundraising, we are leaving the start-up ecosystem to enter the scale-up one. This change requires us to upgrade and structure our business. With his experience, Jean-Yves will be a key element of this project »

Jerome Perret, General Manager of ITD.


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