Asia remains the fastest-growing region in the world. Whether in terms of investment in telecom infrastructure or the expansion of towercos activity, this vast territory is highly dynamic and offers great opportunities.
Review of the challenges of this market and local activity with IT-Development (ITD), at the sixth annual TowerXchange Meetup Asia, on 3 and 4 December 2019 in Singapore.

The Asian telecom infrastructure landscape offers many innovations in terms of strategic activities, mergers, and acquisitions, the opening of new markets, and innovation efforts toward 5G. For several years, ITD has seen a strong need among mobile network operators and towercos in Southeast Asia.

By nature, we are a company that believes in being close to our customers. In other words, this is the essence of our travels and offices. We want to be able to offer a quality service in terms of support, implementation and change management. Of course, the size of the Indian and Chinese markets seemed attractive. But, we decided to open our office in Vietnam in 2015. In this way, we focus on customers throughout Southeast Asia, based on a few considerations.

Jerome Perret, CEO.


The choice of Vietnam was also made based on customer support. Indeed, it is not just a question of making sales. For example, excellent developers and technical talents are present on site. A development team within our Ho Chi Minh City office offers us real advantages. Thus, we have a lot of technical knowledge about ClickOnSite in this area. We can directly assist our customers in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the Vietnamese team starts working 6 hours before the European technical team. We increase our technical team’s working day. An almost continuous work that allows us better coverage for customers all over the world, and a technical back-up when one of the offices is closed. In short, we are convinced that ClickOnSite is the most suitable solution for this market. Certainly, the best illustration is still the recent signing of new contracts with our second and third towercos customers in Asia.

Michael Blot, General Manager ITD APAC.

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