Friends, partners and customers, come say hello and see what is new in ClickOnSite
#MNOs and #Towercos, if you want to take a big leap forward in simplifying management of your tower infrastructure, let us show you ClickOnSite. Our booth is in Hall 5, B41 as part of the Business France “La French Tech” Pavilion.


If you have seen ClickOnSite before…

…let us show you what is new. Having worked rolling out towers ourselves, we are driven to continuously improve and optimize ClickOnSite to make site infrastructure management easier and more efficient (which also keeps us ahead of the competition). New features we will show you:

  • The ClickOnSite Mobile app (blog post with details), which lets staff in the field (ex. radio engineers) capture + update data in a few swipes on their mobile phone — even when offline (it syncs with ClickOnSite when there’s a connection again). It’s a game-changer.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) module (blog post with details)
    • Work In Progress: see current processes and the status + details of their milestones in real-time
    • Forecasts: upcoming milestones and those achieved versus initial forecasts
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) (coming soon): see whether work is being completed within SLAs
    • Process Mining (coming soon): identify and correct inefficiencies
  • Global search (blog post with details)
  • Lease contracts management
  • Various improvements to reporting: creation of reports, views, exports, etc

If you have never seen ClickOnSite before…

…see why companies buy ClickOnSite to:

Scale their business

  • Easily manage 100’s or 1,000’s of towers/sites
  • Connect the field and the office; collaborate from anywhere
  • Increase productivity with fewer people

Increase visibility & control

  • Everyone works on one set of data
  • Everyone sees info in real-time
  • BPM workflow engine tells everyone current status of projects
  • Reporting enables early strategic decisions

…we will show you how:

  • You can manage your whole network infrastructure with one tool. (Which works on PC, tablet and mobile.) 
  • Efficient your organization will be when everyone from the field to the office works on one set of data/information, updated in real-time.
  • We have integrated a comprehensive database to hold all your infrastructure data (and attachments) and layered on top of it a Business Process Management engine (BPMN 2.0) to automate task distribution;  managers and project managers ca see the status of programs, and of projects individually, in real time.
  • ClickOnSite is attractively priced: you only pay for functionality you use — no overpaying for bloated ERP systems with features (not made for the telecoms industry) you don’t need or use. 

Especially those of you still using spreadsheets (ex. Excel) to track assets and projects, please come talk to us! We can make your work so much easier! It’s like upgrading from fax to email.

We look forward to seeing our fellow telecom colleagues, friends, customers, MNOs and Towercos in Barcelona! To schedule a meeting contact us via email ( or Twitter (@ITD_OSS). Or come by our booth (Hall 5, B41) at your convenience.